Building IOX

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First, download and un-archive the IOX source package.


The binary release packages are built using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 under Windows and GCC 4.04 under Linux.  Other compilers may work, but are untested.


You'll also need to download and build each of the following packages:




PTypes 2.0





Or, you can simply download the pre-built binary development library packages.  This is the recommended method as the packages are guaranteed to be configured correctly for use with IOX.


You may also want to download and install Bakefile and DialogBlocks .


The main application and each plugin have separate build directories.  In each build directory is a bakefile with an extension of .bkl as well as a makefile for Microsoft Visual C++ (, a makefile for the GNU compiler (GNUmakefile), and a Microsoft Visual C++ project file (*.dsp, *.dsw). The project files are Visual Studio 6 format because that's what Bakefile generates, but they can be opened and converted automatically by Visual Studio 2005.  You can edit the makefiles directly to suit your system, but the preferred method is to change the bakefiles and re-generate the makefiles.  There is also a Visual Studio 2005 solution file in [installdir]/build/iox.


Set the IOXDEVFILESDIR environment variable to the base directory of the development library packages.  The makefiles and project files assume that each of third party libraries is installed in a subdirectory under a common root subdirectory.  The IOXDEVFILESDIR environment variable is used to reference those third party headers and libraries.  If you've downloaded the pre-built development files and unzip to a directory called c:\user\dev, you would set IOXDEVFILESDIR=c:\user\dev (export IOXDEVFILESDIR=/usr/dev under Linux).


A set of Perl scripts are included to help automate building from the command line.  Each script searches all subdirectories under the root install directory and performs an operation on the main application and all of the plugins.  If you have Perl installed on your system you can invoke these files from the IOX source install directory as 'Perl'.  The names are fairly self explanatory -,,,,  Additionally, will run bakefile on each .bkl file to re-generate the makefiles and project files.


The main application and all of the plugins include DialogBlocks project files.  DialogBlocks is used to generate the resource files (*.xrc) which define the GUI controls.  DialogBlocks is a commercial application,  but a limited demo can be downloaded.  DialogBlocks is not needed unless you want to edit the resource files, but is a very worthwhile application if you plan to do any wxWidgets development.


The command line build procedure in a nutshell:

Download and un-archive the IOX source package
Download and un-archive the pre-built development binaries package
Set the IOXDEVFILESDIR environment variable to the development package directory
Change to the IOX source root directory
Type 'Perl'
Type 'Perl'
Type 'Perl'
Type 'Perl makeinstall,pl'