IOX User Manual

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Version 0.1.0 2006-07-16




IOX is an input / output crosspoint.  Inputs such as infrared receivers and real time clocks are connected to outputs such as infrared blasters and X10 transmitters using rulesets which are defined by the user.  Inputs and outputs are provided by plugins, making it possible to support new devices and add new functionality. 

Rules are created by defining a set of filters which compare the event string produced by an input to an event filter string.  If the event string matches the filter string, the output portion of the rule will be executed.  Regular expressions or simple strings with wildcards can be used when defining filter strings.

In practice, IOX can do things such as control a music player using an infrared remote control, turn X10 house lights on/off each day at a particular time, or control a remote audio/video server over a home network or the Internet.