The Menu Bar and Tool Bar

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The menu bar is the primary interface to all IOX features.  The tool bar provides convenient shortcuts to the most frequently used features.


File Menu

Save Rule Tree: Save changes made to the rule tree.  Only active if rule tree has been modified

Save Log File: Save text from the 'Log' pane

Exit: Quit IOX


Edit Menu

Copy Rule Item: Place a copy of the selected rule item on the internal clipboard

Cut Rule Item: Copy the selected rule item to the internal clipboard and delete it from the rule tree

Paste Rule Item: Insert the rule item stored on the internal clipboard to the selected rule tree location

Copy, Cut, Paste: Standard text editing features


View Menu

Load Perspective: Load a previously saved pane layout

Save Perspective: Save the current pane layout.  iox.prs is the default layout loaded at startup.



Configuration: Display the configuration dialog

New Rule Set: Create a new rule set at the end of the rule tree

New Rule: Create a new rule in the currently selected rule set

New Rule Output: Create a new rule output in the currently selected rule

Delete Selected Rule Item: Delete the currently selected rule set, rule, or rule output

Test Selected Rule: Trigger the currently selected rule

Start All Plugins: Send a stop message to all plugins

Stop All Plugins: Send a start message to all plugins

Clear Log: Delete all text in the event log



Contents: Display the IOX help file

IOX Web Site: Open your default browser and go to the IOX home page

About: Display version and other information about IOX