Installing and Running

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To install the binary packages under Windows, simply unzip preserving directories. 


To run IOX under Windows, double click IOX.exe.  The pre-built binaries require the MSVC8 runtime libraries to be installed on your system.  If these libraries are not installed, they can be downloaded from Microsoft at

All other DLLs are included in the root install directory and should be found when the application is started.




To install the binary package under Linux, untar/gzip using 'tar -xzf'.


It is recommended that you run IOX using the 'startiox' shell script.  This script sets an environment variable that will allow the dynamic loader to find the required shared libraries.  YOU MUST EDIT startiox TO CHANGE THE IOX DIRECTORY TO MATCH YOUR INSTALLATION.  Simply change the paths to match the installation directory.


The pre-built binaries are built using the GCC 4.04 compiler and require appropriate C runtime libraries.  The binaries are tested using a Debian 'etch' system and may not work on other distributions.  See the following section for information on building a binary that will work on your system.



Building from source

See the  IOX Developer Manual for information on building IOX from source.